Results of the 2019 UI Undergraduate Math Contest

The 2019 edition of the UI Undergraduate Math Contest was held Saturday, February 16, 2019. The winner was Zihan Wang, a Junior in Mathematics and Computer Science. Alan Hu, a Sophomore in Computer Science placed second, while Kyungmo Ryu, a Junior in Statistics, came in third.

The UI Undergraduate Math Contest is the longest-running, and most prestigious, local math contest. It is part of an extensive program of math contests and related activities offered at the UI that includes training sessions and practice contests in the fall; several local math contests with attractive prize purses; and opportunities to participate in prestigious national and international competitions, including the William Lowell Putnam Competition, the Virginia Tech Regional Math Contest, and the Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

The contest program is organized by Professors A.J. Hildebrand and Timur Oikhberg.

Contest problems and solutions are available at the links below.

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