Haidong Gong and Pufan Liu winners of the 2014 UI Undergraduate Math Contest

Twenty-one students participated in the 2014 UI Undergraduate Math Contest, held February 15, 2014. The winner, and recipient of the $300 First Prize, was Haidong Gong, a Freshman in Mathematics, who achieved a perfect 60/60 score while finishing the contest 30 minutes early. Haidong had previously won the 2013 UI Freshman Math Contest, placed third on the 2013 UI Mock Putnam Exam, and he also had the second-highest score among UI participants on the 2013 Virginia Tech Regional Math Contest.

The runner-up, and recipient of the $200 Second Prize, was Pufan Liu, a Freshman in Material Science, who had a score of 41 points.

The UI Undergraduate Math Contest is a locally organized contest that has been held annually for over forty years. It is part of an extensive Putnam training program offered at the U of I that includes two similar contests in the fall, the Mock Putnam Exam and the Freshman Math Contest, and twice weekly training sessions in the fall semester. These activities are organized by Professor A.J. Hildebrand, with the assistance of graduate student M. Tip Phaovibul.

Contest problems and solutions are available at the links below.

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