Results of the 2019 UI Fall Math Contests

A combined 66 students participated in the first contest event of the academic year, the UI Freshman Math Contest, and the UI Mock Putnam Exam, held back-to-back on October 12, 2019.

The UI Freshman Math Contest is an entry level contest that provides freshmen an opportunity to show their problem solving skills in direct competition against their peers. This year's contest was won by Alexander Ristich, while Pavle Vuksanovic, Yipeng Yang, and Ruzhang Yang tied for second place.

The UI Mock Putnam Exam is a long-running local version of the Putnam Exam, a nationwide math contest for undergraduates that has been dubbed the "world's toughest math test". The exam consists of seven challenging math problems, similar in nature to problems on Putnam contests, but a bit easier. Ziyi Chen, a senior in mathematics and the winner of the 2017 and 2018 Mock Putnam Exams, won again the top prize, followed by Erin Kim in second place, and Hongyi Chen in third place.

The contests are part of the UI Math Contest Program, organized by Professors A.J. Hildebrand and Timur Oikhberg, with the assistance of graduate students David Altizio and Shiliang Gao.

Contest problems and solutions are available at the links below.

UI Math Contests Website