Strong Showing of UIUC Teams in the 2019 Mathematical Modeling Contest

The MCM/ICM (Mathematical/Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling) is an international team contest in mathematical modeling in which thousands of teams from universities and colleges around the world participate each year. The contest involves researching, analyzing, and modeling a real-world problem in teams of (up to) three students and writing up a solution paper of around 15--30 pages, and doing all this in 96 hours. Problems in recent contests have covered topics such modeling as the spread of the Ebola virus, analyzing the ecological ramifications of the existence of dragons, and designing a drone-based disaster relief response system for Puerto Rico.

In each of the past six years, we have sponsored several UIUC teams for this contest and helped coordinate and prepare these teams for the contest.

This year's edition took place January 24 - 28, 2019, and it proved to be the most successful for UIUC teams in recent years: Three of the five participating UIUC teams received a "Meritorious Winner" designation, corresponding to a placement among the top 8% of all entries. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that one of these teams had only two members instead of the usual three, but still managed to earn a "Meritorious Winner" award with an impressive 30 page paper.

The members of the three "Meritorious Winner" UIUC teams, and the titles of their solution papers, are:

Complete results of the 2019 MCM Contests are available under this link.

If you are interested in participating in next year's MCM/ICM contest, contact Prof. A.J. Hildebrand at for further information.

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