MATH 461, Sections B/C, Spring 2009

Final Exam and Course Grades

Final Exam scores and course grades are now online and can be accessed as usual via this link. The maximal score on the final was 290 + 10 EC points, the highest score was 300, the average and median 194.

The letter grade shown at the end of the score display is your course grade. These grades were assigned on a linear scale, based on the accumulated total score. To avoid hardships and "close calls", I adjusted some of cutoffs. As a result, nobody was within a few points of the next higher grade, and most gaps between grades were in the order of 15 points or more.

Final Exam solutions are available under the following links:

Have a good break and enjoy your summer!

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Computer simulations

The links below are to java applets that simulate various probability experiments. For the applets to run, you need to have java installed. If you have problems running these applications, use one of the computers in the Math library, or in one of the University computer labs. (I tried it in the Math library, and it worked fine there.)


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