Math 453 (Number Theory), B13/B14
Spring 2022
Professor AJ Hildebrand

General Course Information

Grading Information

Your course grade will be based on the accumulated number of points earned from the following components: (1) the Final Exam, (2) three midterm exams, and (3) homework assignments. The total number of points to be earned is 500 points, broken down as follows:

Letter grade assignments: Letter grades will be based on the total number of points earned at the end of the semester, using the standard 90/80/70/60 scale (96.6% = A+, 93.3% = A, 90% = A-, etc.), with possibly some adjustments downward (resulting in a more generous curve) depending on the overall score distribution in the class. For example, if you end up with 450 out of 500 points (i.e., 90%), you are guaranteed at least an A-; 400 points will guarantee at least a B-; and so on. The actual cutoffs may end up being more generous, i.e., more favorable to you!

Course Policies