Math 453, Section X, Elementary Number Theory, Spring 2011
Professor A.J. Hildebrand

Final Exam and Course Grades

Final Exam scores and course grades are now online and can be accessed as usual. The average score on the Final was 92/120, the median 101/120, the highest score (including Extra Credit points) 121/120. Final Exam Solutions are available under this link.

Course grades were assigned on a linear scale, based on the overall average, which in turn was computed using the weights of 1/3 final, 1/6 homework, and 1/2 midterms announced at the beginning of the class. The cutoffs for letter grades were a bit more generous than those in place after the midterms. In addition, I manually adjusted some of the grades upwards to avoid hardships. As a result, nobody was within one percentage point of the next higher grade; in fact, most gaps between grades were 2 percentage points or more.

Have a good break and enjoy your summer!

Course Policies, Exams, Grades


Class Notes

These class notes summarize the key definitions and theorems that you need to know for the homework and in exams. I will pass these out in small installments in class as we move along with the material and post complete versions here at the end of each chapter.

Note:The numbering of the first five chapters is the same as in Strayer. Chapter 6 of the notes (Continued Fractions) corresponds (roughly) to Chapter 7 in Strayer, and Chapter 7 of the notes (Primality Testing and RSA Encryption) corresponds to Sections 8.2 and 8.3 in Strayer.

Class Diary

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