Math 408 Midterm Exam 2 Information

Basic information

Date/time: The test will be Wednesday, April 23, at the regular class hour, 9:00 - 9:50 am. The exam will be written as a 50 minute exam, but you can start a couple of minutes early if you are there. (My proctors and I plan to be there by about 8:45 am.)

Location: The exam will in 1320 DCL (Digital Computer Lab). This is different from the regular classroom or the room of the first midterm. It's one of the nicest/poshest classrooms on this campus, with huge desks, swivel chairs, and a capacity of 200.

Rules: The rules will be the same as for the first midterm, and essentially the same as for actuarial exams. Books, notes, and formula sheets, are not allowed. A table for the normal distribution will be provided (the same as the one distributed in class, which is the official SOA sanctioned table for actuarial exams).

A basic calculator, of the type approved for SOA exams (e.g., TI-30Xa or TI-30X II), is fine; if you have a different calculator, do not use advanced functions, such as graphing, or computing integrals and derivatives. Also, for calculations of Phi values, you must use the normal table; if you have a calculator with built-in Phi function (such a calculator would be illegal in actuarial exams), do not use this capability.

Exam content: A detailed syllabus is given below. Essentially, the exam will cover everything covered in class since the last exam, i.e., beginning with Section 3.5 and through 5.4, and corresponding to HW Assignments 7-11. (HW 11 is due Friday, 4/18; I will hand out solutions at the end of Friday's class, so that you can use them to prepare for the exam.)

The exam will have 6 - 10 problems, of roughly the same difficulty level and length as an average homework problem or an actuarial exam problem from the problem sets handed out.


Chapter 3: Continuous Distributions

Chapter 4: Multivariate Distributions

Chapter 5: Normal Distributions

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