Math 408 Midterm Exam 1 Results and Grading Information

Exam Solutions

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Exam Statistics

The scores below are all raw scores.

Grading Information

Scoring: The maximal score was 49 points. Each subproblem was worth 3 points, with the exception of Problem 2 (5 points) and Problem 7(b) (5 points); this gives a maximal total score of 6 + 5 + 6 + 9 + 9 + 6 + 8 = 49.

Accessing your scores

To view all scores you have earned to date, go to this URL:

There is a link to this site on the main page for this class. After logging in with your Net-ID and password, you should see a display showing all your scores you have earned to date.

New [3/9/08]: Overall grade and curving. The display now shows your current grade in this class, with curving taken into account. The curve used is an overall curve with cutoffs of 86/72/56/40 percent for A/B/C/D, instead of the standard 90/80/70/60 percent scale. If the semester were to end here, this is the curve that would determine your grade. After each test, I will re-evaluate the curve, and may make small adjustments, depending on the overall score distribution after the test. (Note that the curving is performed on the overall average; no additional curving is done on the individual hw/quiz/exam scores.)

Interpretation of score display. This page provides a detailed explanation of the notations in the display. Check this page before asking questions about the display.

Discrepancies in score display: If you notice any errors in the score display, such as an incorrectly entered or missing quiz or hw score, let me know right away and show me the assignment in question.
Deadlines for reporting score discrepancies: The deadline for reporting errors on assignments prior to, and including, exam1, is Friday March 14. (You must show me the assignment in question.) For future assignments/tests, errors must be reported within one week from the date the test/assignment is returned.

Grade appeals

In case of a simple accounting error (such as an incorrect addition of scores, or discrepancy between your score on the exam and the score on the computer grade report), let me know, and I'll likely take care of it on the spot. If you have a question/complaint about the grading itself, see me after class, or during office hours. Most errors were not unique, and were graded uniformly.

Deadlines for appeals: All grading appeals must be made within one week of the date the test/assignment has been returned. For exam1, the deadline for appeals is Friday, March 14.

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