MATH 213 F1: Basic Discrete Mathematics
Fall 2010
Professor A.J. Hildebrand

Final Exam Results and Course Grades

Final exam scores and course grades are now available. The highest score on the final was 200 and the median 131. 20 percent had a score of 179 or higher, and 40 percent had a score of 136 or above. Final Exam Solutions are available under this link.

You can access your scores as usual under this link. The grade shown at the end of the online score display (including plusses and minuses) is the grade that has been reported as your official course grade; it is based strictly on the total number of accumulated points and is nonnegotiable. Cutoffs between letter grades were chosen to minimize hardships and close calls. As a result, nobody was within a few points of the next higher grade, and most gaps were substantially larger.

Enjoy the holidays and have a happy and relaxing break!

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