Byron Heersink

I am a sixth year PhD student in mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign advised by Florin Boca. I received my BA from Adams State University in 2011 and my MS from the University of Illinois in 2013.

My research focus is in ergodic theory and number theory, and specifically the application of dynamical systems to the study of statistical properties of Farey fractions, the Stern-Brocot sequence, and continued fractions.

Here is my CV.


  • Continued fraction normality is not preserved along arithmetic progressions (with J. Vandehey) Archiv der Mathematik 106(4) (2016), 363 - 370.
  • An effective estimate for the Lebesgue measure of preimages of iterates of the Farey map Advances in Mathematics 291 (2016), 621 - 634.
  • Poincaré sections for the horocycle flow in covers of SL(2,R)/SL(2,Z) and applications to Farey fraction statistics Monatshefte für Mathematik 179(3) (2016), 389 - 420.
  • Gap distribution of Farey fractions under some divisibility constraints (with F. P. Boca and P. Spiegelhalter) Integers 13 (2013), A#44.

  • Past Teaching:

  • Math 221 Calculus I (Fall 2015)
  • Math 231 Calculus II (Spring 2015)
  • Math 221 Calculus I (Fall 2014)
  • Math 231 Calculus II (Spring 2014)
  • Math 221 Calculus I (Fall 2013)

  • Contact:

    University of Illinois
    Department of Mathematics
    1409 West Green Street
    Urbana, IL 61801
    Email: heersin2(at)
    Office: 110 Altgeld Hall