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Link here to selected albums of interest to people in the Department. Note, all images herein have a higher resolution original you can have on demand. Also, the best shots of our Mummereis were made by Harold Diamond. The most recent album of George's Retirement Party chez Ando were made by Tori Corkery

George retires in style at Matt and Amy Ando's House.

Mummerei 2015 with Jordan Kaye, Jeff Helgesen, Randy Salman, and Josh Houchin

Kinderfasching 2015 with Mereditch and Ben and their Puppets.

Mummerei 2014 with Jordan Kaye, Gilly McPhee, Dave Madden and Josh Houchin

Kinderfasching 2014 with Anne Newman's Punch'nJudy Show

Mummerei 2013 with Jordan Kaye and his dixieland orchestra.

Kinderfasching 13 with Anne Newman and her puppets. Here are 3 videoclips in Quicktime format of her Puppetshow

Fall 2013 Math Picnic in Hessel Park with Jordan Kaye and his Dixieland Band. Here are three video clips in Quicktime .mov format.

Mummerei 12 . Here are some videos in AVI format of Jordan Kaye and his dixieland orchestra and one of our puppetshow.

Winter 2011 Vince Golden visited our annual Mummerei . Meredith Tayler, from the Illinois Puppetry Guild entertained the children at our Kinderfasching .

We celebrated our 2011 Emeriti. In the fall there was the usual Math Picnic, and the TA orientation supper.

In 2009 Stephanie Alexander retired from committees and classes to do research full time. Jerry Uhl threw his last Octoberfest and we bade him farewell the following year. May he rest in peace.

In the fall 2009 we had our n-th annual and fabulous Math Department Picnic and our second annual Math Department Homecoming on the Altgeld front lawn.

The students didn't come short this year, with the last of the 5 year REU programs , the students for Math 198 and IB 104, and the final presentations of Math 403 .

Mardi Gras 2009 was celebrated, for the first time with Jordan Kaye's fabulous Dixie Land band for the Mummerei and for the last time with ventriloquist Hannah Leskosky for the Kinderfasching .

Fabulous turnout for retirement party for Stephanie Alexander and Paul Schupp. Paul was abroad and missed Ilya's wonderful oration. Philip Tondeur was present in his eloquent words on Stephanie's career.

Jerry Uhl , with the help of his friends, hosted his spring cookout on a beautiful May day.

A busload of IMSA students with their teachers visited the ISL Cube and experienced their Mathematica homework in the newly rebuilt immersive virtual environment.

Donna Cox realized her eDream this April.

Alison Ahlgren and Hank Kaczmarski won well deserved awards.

Pictures from the MathViz09 special session of the AMS meeting.

The second annual Graduate Mathematics Open House on 8 March 09 was great, as usual.

December 2008 we had the biggest PME induction ceremony yet, though half couldn't make it since it was a school night. Randy McCarthy gave an inspiring talk on why he's writing the best calculus textbook in the 21st century.

Fall 2008 we had a picnic , followed by a homecoming party for math alums, and another for 2 PhD alums giving seminars.

Here mathREU 2008 students. Kim Whittlesey's Geometrical Group Theory group presents in a classroom, while George Francis's people do it in the CAVE .

In various combinations, subsets of REU students worked in the REU Lab , visited Wolfram Research twice, had their farewell cookout chez Francis, and talked a the MAA Math Fest in Madison Wisconsin.

New with more to come, Math Movies starting with the retirements 2008 .

The Graduate Mathematics Open House was a great success again in 2008.

Supper for students in MA198 in the winter of 2008.

This year's Mummerei lightens up midwinter cabin fever.

Calculart Exhibit at the Dennos Museum in Traverse City, 2008.

The Picnic at Hessell Park on 13oct07.

The colloquium Party for John Sullivan.

The dinner party for the Timaeus conference.

Visit with Tony Robbin in Gilboa, Labor Day 2007.

It was a fine fall day at Jerry Uhl's Oktoberfest.

The Math Emeriti and their guests were in fine fettle.

A fine fall evening at the Rosenblatt's.

The PME executive committee meeting chez Francis.

Here is, as an experiment, a 6.4mb .avi movie file of the band at the picnic. Since it is in MS format, it should play on your Windows pc. For older Quicktimes it needs a CODEC which up-to-date QTs should not need. Please let me know how slowly it downloads and whether it works on your pc. .