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William Galway (e-mail to my last name, at the UIUC math department's domain).

Current Address

I'm now living in Northeastern New Jersey, after completing a post-doctoral position at Simon Fraser University, and this web site is nearly obsolete.

My vita and research statement. (Both are "pdf" files, with links. Last updated October, 2004.)
My Ph.D. Thesis: Analytic Computation of the Prime-Counting Function

Announcements for Math 285 G8 (Fall 2000)

Here are announcements for Math 285, Section G8

Preprints and Slides from Talks

Please send mail to me if you have problems picking up the files below. These slides are available in (uncompressed) pdf format, and in compressed (gzipped) postscript format. In some cases the pdf files have clickable links.

Links of interest to me, in fairly random order:

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