Math 241 - Calculus III
Spring 2012, Section CL1

Curve in space

Lecture log and homework assignments


Surface integral

The focus of this course is vector calculus, which concerns functions of several variables and functions whose values are vectors rather than just numbers. In this broader context, we will revisit notions like continuity, derivatives, and integrals, as well as their applications (like finding minima and maxima). We’ll explore new geometric objects such as vector fields, curves, and surfaces in 3-space and study how these relate to differentiation and integration. The highlight of the course will be theorems of Green, Stokes, and Gauss, which relate seemingly disparate types of integrals in surprising ways.


We will cover chapters 12–16 of

Please note there are two versions of this text currently available, and this course uses the 6th edition rather than the 7th. You will also need WebAssign access to do the online homework. The U of I bookstore is selling a bundle of the text and WebAssign for $166, and the same is available directly from the publisher for $140.00 (including shipping). If you buy a used copy, or a new copy without WebAssign, you can purchase single-semester access to WebAssign for $47.

Important dates

Gradient vector field *Midterms will be calibrated for 60 minutes, but you may be given additional time.

The conflict final is on Tuesday May 8, 8-11 AM.

Course Policies

Overall grading

Your course grade will be calculated as follows.

Grade cutoffs will not be stricter than 90% for an A- grade, 80% for a B-, 70% for a C-, and 60% for a D-.

UPDATE 4/25/2012: If your final is higher than your lowest midterm, then the score on the final will replace half of your lowest midterm. In other words, the lowest midterm will be worth 9% of your semester grade whereas the final will be worth 45%. (Disclaimer: The deal only applies if you have taken at least two midterms.)

Individual exams will not be curved. However, after each exam, approximate cutoffs will be provided for reference. Grade cutoffs will be determined accordingly at the end of the semester.

There will be no extra credit.


There will be three midterm exams, held in the evening. Details for each exam will be announced as the date approaches.

There will be a comprehensive final exam, held on Wednesday May 9, 7-10 PM.

All exams will be closed book and notes, and no calculators or other electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, iPods) will be permitted.


Homework will be assigned for each lecture and posted on the course webpage. Most of this will be done online via WebAssign, and will generally be due by the next lecture, before the 2 PM class starts.

Late HW will not be accepted.

The lowest 3 HW scores will be dropped.

The first assignment is due Friday, January 20.

WebAssign will sometimes ask to solve part of a problem on paper and turn it in. Feel free to ignore that part or do it only for practice. Homework will never be collected in class.

Homework solutions

WebAssign lets you see a complete solution to any assigned problem once the due date has passed.

Here are additional homework solutions, including some even-numbered problems.


To sign up for the online HW, go to WebAssign and enroll using the Class Key:

Important: Be sure to provide your address when WebAssign asks for your email. This is crucial for your HW scores to be credited toward your grade.

Technical issues with WebAssign should be addressed here. If you have not yet received your WebAssign access code, sign up for the 14 day free trial so you can start doing the HW immediately.

Worksheets and quizzes

Most section meetings will include either a worksheet or a quiz. The former will be graded for effort and latter for accuracy.

Missing a worksheet or quiz results in a score of zero. No make-up quizzes.

The lowest 3 scores in this category will be dropped.

Conflict exams

If you have a conflict with one of the exam times, please consult the university policy on evening midterm exams and final exam conflicts. Based on that, if you think your situation qualifies you to take the conflict exam, please contact me as soon as possible, no later than a week before the exam in question.

Missed exams

There will be no make-up exams. Rather, in the event of a valid illness, accident, or family crisis, you can be excused from an exam so that it does not count toward your overall average. Such situations must be documented by a medical note (e.g. from McKinley) or a letter from the Emergency Dean, located in Room 300 of the Turner Student Services Building. I reserve final judgment as to whether an exam will be excused.

Requests for an exam to be excused for non-medical reasons must be made no later than a week before the exam.

Missed HW / worksheets / quizzes

As mentioned above, there are no make-up quizzes, and late HW or worksheets are not accepted. For extended absences or medical emergencies, these are handled the same way as missed exams.

Exam regrading

The section leaders and myself try hard to accurately grade exams and quizzes, but please contact one of us if you think there was an error. All such requests for regrading must be made within one week of the test being returned.

Viewing grades online

You can view your worksheet, quiz, and exam scores here. Due to a limitation of the system, both worksheets and quizzes are recorded as "qu". Details of your HW scores can be viewed on WebAssign, and will be transferred into the above system at the end of the semester.

Large-lecture etiquette

Since there are more than 200 people in the room, it’s important to arrive on time, remember to turn off your cell phone, refrain from talking, not pack up your stuff until the bell has rung, etc. Otherwise it will quickly become hard for the other students to pay attention.


Cheating is taken very seriously and will not be tolerated. Cheating on an exam will result in a 0 on the exam or an F in the class. University policies on academic integrity are explained in Article 1, Section 404 of the Student Code.


Students with disabilities who require reasonable accommodations should see me as soon as possible. In particular, any accommodation on exams must be requested at least a week in advance and will require a letter from DRES.