Math 531 material, Fall 2016

Instructor: Kevin Ford (Office: 304 Altgeld. Office hours MW 3-4 and by appointment. email: ford126(at)illinois(dot)edu)

Course information sheet (PDF format)

Prof. Hildebrand's Math 531 lecture notes

Review of Elementary Undergraduate Number Theory (Prof. Hildebrand's Notes)


The main prerequisites are ``mathematical maturity'', a thorough understanding of real and complex analysis at the level of MATH 347/348, and the very basics of elementary number theory (say the first half of Math 453) covering the fundamental theorem of arithmetic, and basics of congruences and divisibility.


The course grade will be based on 5 - 7 HW assignments (total weight 50%), spread out evenly over the semester, a midterm exam (20%) and a Final Exam (30%).

Homework assignments and solutions (PDF files)

  1. DUE 9-SEPT-2016: Homework set #1 . Solutions
  2. DUE 23-SEPT-2016: Homework set #2 . Solutions
  3. DUE 7-OCT-2016: Homework set #3 . Solutions
  4. DUE 24-OCT-2016 (Monday): Homework set #4 . Solutions
  5. DUE 4-NOV-2016 : Homework set #5 . Solutions
  6. DUE 18-NOV-2016 : Homework set #6 . Solutions
  7. DUE 7-DEC-2016 : Homework set #7 . Solutions

Midterm Exam:

Friday, October 14. In class at the regular time. Covers material on the first three homework assignments.

Final Exam: Tuesday, Dec. 13, 8--11 AM.

Final Exam Solutions