Anatomy of Integers, Math 595, Fall 2011


Kevin Ford (Altgeld 304, phone 265-6255, e-mail: )
Office hours: MWF 2:00-3:00 or by appointment


Divisors, by R. R. Hall and G. Tenenbaum, Cambridge Tracts in Math. 90, 1988. Reprinted in 2008 in paperback version.

Class Notes

1. Introduction and the Turan-Kubilius inequality
2. The distribution of prime factors of integers.
3. The Kubilius model and the Erdos-Kac theorem.
4. Some sieve estimates.
5. The distribution of divisors of integers, preliminaries.
6. Proof of the Maier-Tenenbaum Theorem.
7. H(x,y,z) - preliminary estimates and heuristics.
8. The order of H(x,y,2y)


Homework problems will be assigned periodically, with various point values.


There will be no exams


Your grade is determined entirely by the number of homework points you accumulate during the semester. Here is the breakdown:
Grade Points
A+ 100
A 60
A- 50
B+ 40
B 30
B- 20
C+ 10
C 0