Additive Number Theory, Math 595, Fall 2013

Course description sheet


Kevin Ford
Office hours: MWF 10:00-10:50 or by appointment


There is no official textbook for the course. The following books contain much of the material that will be referenced.

Here are notes on basics of sieve methods needed for Schnirelmann's theorem (week 1) and Romanoff's theorem (week 3). See page 15 for the theorem on the number of solutions of p+q=2N.

Here are some notes on standard order of magnitude notation (big O, etc) used in the course.


Homework problems will be assigned periodically, with various point values.


There will be no exams.


Your grade is determined entirely by the number of homework points you accumulate during the semester. Here is the breakdown:
Grade Points
A+ 100
A 60
A- 50
B+ 40
B 30
B- 20
C+ 10
C 0