Math 446 (Sections F13 and F14): Applied Complex Variables

Fall 2020

Instructor: Florin Boca

Office: 371 Altgeld Hall

Phone: 244-9928

E-mail: fboca at illinois dot edu

Textbook: James W. Brown and Ruel V. Churchill, Complex Variables and Applications, Mc Graw Hill (7th or higher edition).

Course description: For students who desire a working knowledge of complex variables; covers the standard topics and gives an introduction to integration by residues, the argument principle, conformal maps, and potential fields. Students desiring a systematic development of the foundations of the subject should take MATH 448.

3 or 4 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours. Credit is not given for both MATH 446 and MATH 448. 4 hours of credit requires approval of the instructor and department with completion of additional work of substance. Prerequisite: MATH 241.


University COVID Requirements: Guides

Lectures: MWF 2:00-2:50 pm, 141 Wohlers Hall before the Thanksgiving break and on Zoom after that.

Office hours: Zoom, Tuesday 9-10 am, Thursday 5-6 pm.

Course materials: Compass

Technology: computer or tablet (required), pdf converter (required), webcam, speakers, microphone (required), reliable internet connection (strongly recommended), printer (strongly recommended).

Access to Zoom meetings (which will include lectures, office hours and exams) will be allowed only through your Illinois email account.

Academic integrity: Student code

Grading policy: Comprehensive final exam: 30%; Best two midterm scores (out of three tests): 40%; Homework: 30%.

Homework and quiz policy: There will be 14 HW assignments, posted on Compass in due time. Students will upload their work on Compass in the form of a single pdf form. Only six randomly selected problems in each assignment will be graded.

Only the best 12 (out of 14) scores will count towards the final score in the class. As a result HW extension will not be normally allowed.

Grader: Qiuling Fan (qiuling2 at illinois dot edu)

Midterm exams calendar: Midterm 1: Sep 28 - Oct 2 week, Midterm 2: Nov 2 - 6 week, Midterm 3: Nov 30 - Dec 4 week. Precise times TBA. All midterm exams will be online.

Final exam: online, TBD.

Last modified: August 19, 2020