University of Illinois

All calculus sections are groupwork-based active learning.

The Merit Scholars program focuses on retaining students from underrepresented minorities or rural schools, as well as those who have not declared a major and women in engineering. Discussion sections meet for two hours twice a week instead of the standard one hour. Teaching assistants create the group work assignments for these sections. Students receive a grade for their Merit section in addition to their lecture grade.

Courses at the Summer Illinois Math Camp focus on hands-on, discovery based learning and topics not typically covered in the K-12 curriculum. These courses are designed and taught by graduate students, with help from undergraduate assistant instructors who have taken a math Merit course.The graduate student instructors are also responsible for teaching the undergraduates the necessary math and for helping the undergraduates learn how to teach the campers.

MATH 231, Calculus 2, Spring 2019, TA, Merit section [course webpage][199 syllabus][Discussion section website]

MATH 231, Calculus 2, Fall 2017, TA [course webpage], list of instructors ranked as excellent by their students.

Making and breaking codes: Cryptology, Instructor, Summer 2016 [Lesson plans and worksheets][Full lesson plans with presentations and tex files][ Summer Illinois Math Camp].

MATH 241, Calculus 3, Spring 2016, TA.

MATH 220, Calculus, Fall 2015, TA, Merit section [ course webpage][MATH 199 syllabus].

Number Theory and Cryptology, Instructor, Summer 2015 [Notes][ Summer Illinois Math Camp].

Freshmen Orientation Advising, Summer 2015.

MATH 231, Calculus II, Spring 2015, TA [course webpage], list of instructors ranked as outstanding by their students.

MATH 231 E, Calculus II, Engineering section, Fall 2014, TA, active learning [course webpage].

MATH 234, Business Calculus, Spring 2014, TA, list of instructors ranked as excellent by their students

MATH 125, Elementary Linear Algebra, Fall 2013, Grader and Tutor