Summer Illinois Math Camp

I am co-founder and director of the Summer Illinois Math Camp, which fosters enthusiasm for math by introducing students to proofs and applications of math. As camp director, I am responsible for hiring graduate instructors and undergraduate assistant instructors, coordinating and planning camp, and finding funding to run camp.

Summer Illinois Math Camp started in 2015 with 23 rising 9th-12th grade students. Our first summer was taught by a team of graduate student volunteers. Summer 2016 and 2017 had two weeks of camp, one for rising 8th and 9th grade students and one for rising 9th-12th grade students. Each summer, graduate students create new courses, serve as instructors, and teach the undergraduate assistant instructors. Undergraduate assistant instructors work with the instructors to learn mathematics and teach classes. For 2018, we will have three weeks of camp, splitting the older camp into 9th-10th grade and 10th-12th grade.

I was awarded a 2015-2016 Chancellor's Public Engagement Student Fellow Grant by the University of Illinois Office of Public Engagement to start Summer Illinois Math Camp. I also coauthored the 2016-2017 grant from the same office.

Other Outreach

From Spring 2016 to Spring 2018, I had a research assistantship to work on Illinois Geometry Lab outreach and planning for and running the Summer Illinois Math Camp.

I am also involved with the AWM Sonia Math Day and Girls Engaged in Math and Science as well as other outreach opportunities in the community. Below are the events I have helped with, either by organizing volunteers, preparing materials, or running hands-on activities.

Sonia Math Day for Girls

November 2017, Math and Magic

November 2016, Logic in Wonderland

April 2016, Games on Surfaces

November 2015, Counting and Coloring

April 2015, Knots and Braids

November 2014, Games of Chance

November 2013, Math and Magic


Spring 2018, Geometry and Art [flyer]

Fall 2015, Adventures in Geometry [flyer]

Spring 2015, Geometry and Art [flyer]

Fall 2014, Geometry and Nature [flyer][ Lesson plans and handouts]

Other One Day Activities

IGL classroom visit, Urbana Neighborhood Connecetions Center, led platonic solid activity with 4th and 5th graders and tessellation activity with middle school students

Rantoul High School field trip, University of Illinois, April 2018, led tessellation activity with tenth grade class and organized math library and campus tours

Illinois Geometry Lab information table at the FIRST Lego League Downstate Illinois Regional Championship, 2016-2018

ChiPrep, organized and led geometry activities with 5th grade students and their parents during campus visit, November 2015-2017

Illinois Geometry Lab table at Urbana Farmers’ Market, October 2015-2017

IGL classroom visit, University Laboratory High School, April 2017, led tessellation activity with tenth grade classes

Stratton Elementary School field trip, University of Illinois, March 2017, led tessellation and Conway’s criterion activities with third grade class and organized math library and campus tours

Rantoul High School field trip, University of Illinois, March 2017, led tessellation activity with tenth grade class and organized math library and campus tours

GO! Girls Only Engineering Camp, Richland Community College, July 2015, origami and engineering

Team STEAM Camp, Champaign Public Library, July 2015, Platonic Solids

ChiPrep, led probability activities with 5th and 6th grade students and their parents. Skype session May 30, 2015, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus visit June 6, 2015

IGL classroom visit, Leal Elementary School (3rd grade), November 2015, platonic solids

IGL classroom visits, Booker T Washington Elementary (4th grade), April 2015, platonic solids

Math Circle, University of Illinois, February 2015, led activity on geometry in crystals and snowflakes for elementary school students.

Volunteer Training

Illinois Geometry Lab tessellation activities trainings, March 2017

Illinois Geometry Lab information table training, January 2016

Summer Illinois Mathematics Camp staff training, July 2015

Number theory and cryptology teaching assistant training, Summer Illinois Mathematics Camp, July 2015