Two Theorems in Contact and Symplectic Topology
Math 595, Spring 2016

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Course Details

Lectures: TR 11:00-12:20, 140 Henry

Instructor: Ely Kerman,

Office & Telephone: Illini Hall 326, 265-6710

Office Hours: By appointment. I am usually available Tuesdays from 12:30 to 1:45. I am also available on Mondays when the Symplectic and Poisson Geometry Seminar meets.
Please feel free to drop by my office anytime or to email me to arrange another time to meet.

Course Description: Here is the description from the course announcement.

Course Notes: Will soon be posted here.

Some Suggested References:

An Introduction to Contact Topology, H. Geiges, Cambridge Univ Press.
Introductory Lectures on Contact Geometry, by J. Etnyre.
Introduction to Symplectic Topology. Second edition, D. McDuff and D. Salamon, Oxford University Press