(Non Euclidean) Geometry
Math 402, Spring 2011, Section C13 and D13

Class summaries, Reading assignments and Homework assignments .

SOLUTIONS to Quiz 1 .

MIDTERM 1 moved to Wednesday March 2 .

QUIZ 2 moved to MONDAY APRIL 4 .

MIDTERM 2 moved to FRIDAY APRIL 29 .

Course Details

    Lectures: MWF, 10:00-10:50 (Section C13) or 11:00-11:50 (Section D13), 147 Altgeld Hall

    Instructor: Ely Kerman, ekerman@math.uiuc.edu

    Office & Telephone: Illini Hall 326, 265-6710

    Office Hours: WF, 1:00-2:00 or by appointment.

    Geometry (with Geometry Explorer), Michael Hvidsten, McGraw-Hill, 2005.

    Course Description (our syllabus schedule will differ from that posted).

    Grading Scheme:

    • Homework and Lab Reports (25%)
      Homework will be asigned each class and is due the next class. Throughout the term class will meet in the computer lab (239 Altgeld) at various times. Your Lab Reports will be collected in the following class.

    • Two Quizzes (2 x 7.5% = 15%)
      There will be two quizzes given during the regular class meeting time. Quiz 1 will be on Wednesday February 9. Quiz 2 will be on Monday April 4.

    • Two Midterm Exams (2 x 15% = 30%)
      There will be two midterm exams given during the regular meeting time. Midterm 1 will be on Wednesday March 2. Midterm 2 will be on Friday April 29.

    • Comprehensive Final Exam (30%) As scheduled by the university:
      SECTION C13 (class starting at 10:00AM) writes on Friday May 6 at 8:00AM.
      SECTION D13 (class starting at 11:00AM) writes on Friday May 13 at 8:00AM.

Class summaries, Reading assignments and Homework assignments .

Policies (the usual)

  • Don't hand stuff in late.
  • Don't miss quizzes or exams without a DOCUMENTED medical excuse.
  • Don't cheat.

Unsolicited Advice

  • Do attend class.
  • Do read ahead.
  • Do rework the examples from class.
  • Do discuss homework with others and write it up yourself.

Class summaries, Reading assignments and Homework assignments .