My research interests lie in the field of number theory. In particular, I am currently working on problems concerning Mahler measures, hypergeometric series, special values of L-functions, modular forms, and arithmetic of algebraic varieties. My Ph.D. thesis title is Mahler measures of hypergeometric families of Calabi-Yau varieties.


A polyharmonic Maass form of depth 3/2 for SL_2(Z) (with S. Ahlgren and N. Andersen) (submitted for publication) arXiv

 A note on cusp forms as p-adic limits (with S. Ahlgren), J. Number Theory 168 (2016), 360-373  Journal  arXiv

[6]  Feynman integrals and critical modular L-values, Commun. Number Theory Phys. 10 (2016), 133-156  Journal  arXiv

[5]  Further explorations of  Boyd's conjectures and a conductor 21 elliptic curve,
(with M. Lalín and W. Zudilin),  J. London Math. Soc. (2) 93 (2016), 341-360  Journal  arXiv

[4] The elliptic trilogarithm and Mahler measures of K3 surfaces, Forum Math. 28 (2016), 405-423 Journal  arXiv [3]  Mahler measures as linear combinations of L-values of multiple modular forms, Canad. J. Math. 67  (2015), 424-449  Journal  arXiv [2]  The Mahler measure of a Calabi-Yau threefold and special L-values,
(with M. A. Papanikolas and M. D. Rogers), Math. Z. 276 (2014), 1151-1163  Journal  arXiv [1]  Three-variable Mahler measures and special values of modular and Dirichlet L-series, Ramanujan J. 32, 245-268  Journal  arXiv
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