Home Page for Math 347, Sections B1 and X1. Fall 2010.

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Professor Dirk Hundertmark
Email: dirk AT math DOT uiuc DOT edu
Phone: 333-4023
Office: 371 Altgeld Hall

Office hours: Monday 4 to 5 pm in room 143 Altgeld, Thursday 3 to 4 pm in room 141 Altgeld.

Text: J. P. D'Angelo and D. B. West, Mathematical Thinking: Problem-solving and Proofs (and note the known typos.)

  • Syllabus. Official course information is here.
  • Homework Due weekly 25%
    Test 1 Wednesday 22 September, in class 15%
    Test 2 Wednesday 27 October, in class 15%
    Test 3 Wednesday 1 December, in class 15%
    Final Exam Tuesday 14 December 2010
    section B1 in 241 Altgeld from 8am to 11am
    section X1 in 141 Altgeld from 7pm to 10pm

    On the tests and exam, you may not use any printed or written materials, or any electronic device.

    Make up tests will be given only if you present written evidence, as soon as possible, that you did (or will have to) miss the test or exam for a legitimate reason, e.g. illness or family emergency. Travel and leisure plans are never a legitimate reason.

    Section B1 meets MWF 9:00-9:50 in 241 ALTGELD.
    Section X1 meets MWF 12:00-12:50 in 141 ALTGELD.