Math 347 -- Fundamental Mathematics

Spring 2022



Most of the course information will be provided on the course Moodle page . This includes homework assignments, exams dates and details, and additional lecture notes.


Donaldson and Pantano, An introduction to Abstract Mathematics. It is a really good idea to buy the paper version of the text, it's only $10 at the bookstore!
  • Why Calculus Works , supplemental notes for the last part of the course kindly provided by David Lutzer. We will cover Sections 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10.

    Course goals

    The goal of the course is to become a better problem solver and to become competent in writing mathematical proofs.


    Math 241 or equivalent. Concurrent registration in Math 241 is acceptable.

    Office Hours: On Zoom, to be announced

    Homework assignments

    All assignment are due AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS and will be turned in electronically. The graded assignments will also be returned electronically, and all of this is done on Moodle. NO LATE HOMEWORKS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR ANY REASON. If you have a reasonable excuse for missing an assignment, I will score it by the average of the other assignments. ONE CANNOT PASS THE CLASS UNLESS ONE EARNS AT LEAST 60% AVERAGE ON THE HOMEWORK SETS

    Exam information

    Midterm Exam 1: To be announced

    Midterm Exam 2: To be announced

    Final Exam: To be announced

    Course grade calculation

    Course grades are determined by homeworks (10%), midterm exams (30% each) and the final exam (30%). All grades will be numerical (e.g. 0--100). For final course grades, 90% guarantees you an A-, 80% guarantees a B-, 65% guarantees a C-, 50% guarantees a D-. Intermediate grades will also be given, e.g. 87% guarantees a B+.