University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Mathematics

Mathematics 422, section E
Algebraic Geometry
1-1:50 PM MWF
243 Altgeld Hall

Professor Daniel R. Grayson
Office: 357 Altgeld Hall
Phone: 3-6209


Algebraic geometry is the geometric study of solutions of systems of polynomial equations in several variables. It plays a central role in much of modern mathematics, and an understanding of its basic concepts is increasingly important. We will learn the language of modern algebraic geometry, and learn about varieties, schemes, affine space, projective space, singular points, algebraic curves, coherent sheaves, and more.

The textbook:

The textbook is Algebraic Geometry, by Robin Hartshorne.

Office hours:

I will hold office hours at 12 on Monday, 11 on Wednesday, and 10 on Friday.

The grading:

Homework will be assigned and graded. You are expected to do the homework on your own. The homework will count for 20% of the grade. There will be two hour exams, each counting for 20% of the grade. The final exam will count for 40% of the grade, and will be cumulative, but will emphasize the material presented after the second hour exam. The hour exams will be held in class on March 4 and April 10.