Math 221, WebAssign login help

A definite proportion of the class is having difficulty logging in to WebAssign, or cannot view their assignment. Here is what you should and should not do when logging in. If your NetID is gogo3, then you should FIRST try to log in with the following data:

I think this is CASE SENSITIVE, so please be aware of that. IF that does not work, THEN try

If neither of these works, send me an email.

Once you have successfully logged on, please keep track of your username (especially whether it is NetID or NetID.1), and your password.

If your FIRST ATTEMPT to log in doesn't work and you try to fix it yourself by having WebAssign generate a new password, you may accidentally log in to the wrong account. If this happens, then the account you log in to may not be on my official course roster (and in particular, you will not be able to view/complete your assignment).

I hope this helps clear up any confusion.

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