Course: Math 598: Mapping class groups and Teichmüller theory
Time: TTh 10:30--11:50am (tentative---we'll change the time after the first class meeting to suit everyone, if necessary)
Instructor: Chris Leininger
Phone: 265-6763
Email: clein (at)
Office: 324 Illini Hall
Text: There is no required text for this course.
Course Description Teichmüller theory and mapping class groups lie at the cross-roads of many fields of mathematics: low dimensional topology, geometric group theory, complex analysis, algebraic geometry, and dynamics. In this mini-course we'll survey a number of results and techniques in the subject, covering as many of the following topics as possible. If there is overwhelming interest, we may also choose to focus on one particular topic.

-simple closed curves, Dehn twists and finite generation
-hyperbolic, complex, and conformal structures
-measured laminations and foliations, Thurston theory
-quasi-conformal mappings and Ahlfors--Bers theory
-quadratic differentials, Teichmüller metric, affine groups

HERE is a brief description of what it looks like we'll end up doing... a syllabus if you will.

Don't forget, no class Thursday 3/16. We'll make it up somehow.

Here's the handout from class on Thursday 3/30 on the minimal area hyperbolic 2-orbifold.

Logistics: This mini-course is being offered during the second half of the semester, and will count as 2 credit hours. It can be taken in conjuction with any of the other mini-courses being offered (which could be helpful in maintaining sufficent enrollment status) or can be can be taken by itself---the other mini-courses are NOT prerequisites. Lectures will begin March 6.

Other mini-courses offered Spring 2006:
-Session 1 (1/17--3/3): Igor Mineyev, ``Relative hyperbolicity''; Ely Kerman, ``Symplectic topology''; Robert Muncaster, ``Evolutionary game theory'';
-Session 2 (3/6--5/3): Christian Haesemeyer ``Cohomology theories for algebraic varieties''