Course Information for Math 595, Spring 2017

No class Thursday, March 30

  • Instructor: Chris Leininger,
  • Email:,
  • Phone: 265-6763.
  • Office: 366 Altgeld Hall.
  • Office hours: By appointment

  • Textbook: We will start out in Bridson and Haefliger's book Metric Spaces of Non-Positive Curvature, specifically Chapters III.H (1-3) and III.Gamma (2,3). In addition (and after the first few weeks), we will draw on material from several papers, which will be listed here in due course.

  • Lecture Room and Times: 313 Davenport Hall, Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00 - 3:20. On days when the GGD/GEAR seminar has lunch, I might be a few minutes late.

  • Prerequisites: I'm going to assume you are very familiar with fundamental group and covering spaces and the classification of surfaces. Differential topology and some Riemannian geometry would be helpful, but not a necessity.

  • Grades: This is based on classroom attendence and participation. I expect anyone who comes all semester to get an A (of course, if you're sick you should stay home...). There will be no exams, quizzes or homework collected.

  • Problems: I will give some problems and exercises throughout the semester, usually during the lecture. The range of difficulty will be dramatic: some exercises will merely require you to finish a proof, others may be open problems in the field. I'm happy to discuss these problems whenever.