Course: Algebraic Topology I, Math 525, Section D1
Time: MWF 11:00am - 11:50am.
Location: 343 Altgeld Hall
Instructor: Chris Leininger
Phone: 265-6763
Email: clein (at)
Office: 366 Altgeld Hall
Office hours: by appointment

Math 525 is an introduction to algebraic topology, a powerful tool for distinguishing and studying topological spaces by associating to them algebraic objects such as groups. In this semester, we'll cover the fundamental group, homology, and some basics of manifold topology. Basically, we'll cover Chapters 0-2 of the required text, which is You can download the full text for free here online, but you may want to actually buy it – it's around $40 and is an excellent resource.
Grades will be based on Assignments (please report any errors/mistakes to me) Lectures

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