Course: Honors topics in mathematics, Math 428
Time: 9:30--10:50 TR
Location: 341 Altgeld Hall
Instructor: Prof. Leininger
Phone: 265-6763
Email: clein (at)
Office: 366 Altgeld Hall
Office hours (my office): TBA
Text: There is no required text for the class, though we may sometimes refer to the following:

About the course: This course provides an introduction to knot theory and geometric topology. We will focus on classical knot theory of ``knotted circles in 3-space''. We will define a variety of invariants used to distinguish ``different'' knots. These invariants come from abstract algebra in the form of polynomials, groups and rings, and are derived by combinatorial and topological means. Along the way we will discuss some basic topology and the classification of surfaces. Grades will be based on class attendence/participation and homework.

Prerequisites: a certain level of mathematical maturity, including the ability to write and follow proofs is necessary. Abstract algebra would be helpful, but I will review the relevant material.
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