Course: Abstract algebra, Math 417, Section F13/F14
Time: MWF 2-2:50.
Location: 345 Altgeld Hall
Instructor: Chris Leininger
Phone: 265-6763
Email: clein (at)
Office: 366 Altgeld Hall
Office hours: TBA

Math 417 is an introduction to abstract algebra. The main objects of study are groups, which are abstract mathematical objects that reflect the most basic features of many other mathematical constructions you are likely familiar with. Rather than beginning our discussion with groups, we will instead spend some time discussing more familiar algebraic structures, namely fields, polynomials, and vector spaces. After sufficient motivation, we define groups and begin their systematics study. If time permits, we will discuss some deeper connections between group theory, fields and polynomials.
The goal of the course is to introduce the students to abstract mathematical thinking through the study of these simple, beautiful mathematical constructions, and to explore the relationship to other areas of mathematics.
The text for this course is an expansion of the instructors lecture notes, available here: Please report any errors to me.

I will not cover everything from these lecture notes in class, and I will assume that you have read everything from the sections covered, even if they were not discussed in class. This is crucial since class time is extremely limited.
As an additional reference, one can use or the book at the bookstore:
Grades will be based on