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Instructor: Chris Leininger
Course: Math 221 Sec. BL1

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The instructor's enthusiasm for the course.
How well prepared is the instructor?
How effectively is the material communicated?
How effectively does the instructor use class time?
How timely and appropriate is the feedback to students?
Does the instructor encourage questions?
Do you feel comfortable asking questions during or outside class?
Have the goals and procedures been explained well?
Do you find the course intellectually challenging?
Does the course spark your curiosity?
How effective are the examples worked in lecture in increasing your understanding of the material?
How many hours per week do you spend on homework assignments?
How effective are the homework assignments in increasing your understanding of the material?
Overall, how effective is the instructor?
Overall, how effective is the course?

What are the instructor's strengths and weaknesses? (All kinds of comments welcome here!)

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the course?

Additional comments, and suggestions:

Chris Leininger