I will likely reply to all of the email from this class once a day. To make the class run as smoothly as possible, I ask that you please follow a few rules when sending me an email:

  • Please be polite in your email (e.g. begin your email by addressing me "Dear Prof. Leininger" or "Hi Mr. Leininger").
  • Sign your name at the bottom so I know the person I'm talking to and I'm not just replying to ziogul32@illinois.edu
  • Before you ask a question about the course, make sure you've check the webpages to see if the answers are available there.
  • If you can't find your answer on any of the webpages, try one of your classmates first, if that doesn't work, try your TA, and if that doesn't work, contact me.
  • For technical questions about WebAssign, please utilize their support: www.webassign.net/user_support/student/.

    Please note that I may not reply to an email if you disregard these suggestions.