Calculus IIIA

Basic Information
Instructor Prof. Chris Leininger
307-A Mathematics
Phone:  854-9235
TA info Graduate TA: Yanni Gkigkitzis is in the 406 Math help room 10--11am on Tuesday and 1--3pm on Thursday.
Undergraduate TA: Miriam Parnes is in the 333 Milbank help room 7--9pm on Monday (except 9/16) and 7--8 Wednesday.
Office hours Monday 5:00--6:00pm in 307-A Math,
Wednesdays 5:00--6:00pm in 406 Math,
and by appointment.
Class times Tuesday and Thursday, 6:10--7:25pm
Text Calculus, 4th Edition, by James Stewart
Homework Assigned daily and posted on the syllabus.  This is collected every Tuesday in class.
Midterm 1 Tuesday, October 1, in class.
Midterm 2 Thursday, November 7, in class.
Final exam Tuesday, December 17, 7:10--10:00pm (room TBA)
Policies Final grades are based on scores from homework and exams.  There will be 100 total points possible for the semester consisting of
Homework:  25 points
Midterms:  25 points each
Final exam:  25 points
The grades are assigned using the following scale:
90--100  A
80--89  B
70--79  C
60--69  D
below 60  F

As the final exam will have a cumulative part, and since I believe improvement should be rewarded, if the final exam score is higher than either of the midterm grades I will replace the lower of the midterm grades with the average of the final and that midterm.

Only under extreme circumstances will a make up exam be administered without prior arrangements (so come see me in advance if you must miss an exam).

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