The University of Illinois Algebra-Geometry-Combinatorics Seminar
Spring 2021, Thursdays 3-3:50PM, place: Zoom

date speaker affiliation title
January 7
Khanh Nguyen Duc Université de Lyon On the shifted Littlewood-Richardson coefficients and Littlewood-
Richardson coefficients
January 14
Jianping Pan University of California, Davis A crystal for stable Grothendieck polynomials
January 19, 2-4PM
RTG event: UBC-UIUC Combinatorics
January 21
Combinatorics Colloquium and
RTG event: Stephanie van Willigenburg
University of British Columbia The e-positivity of chromatic symmetric functions
January 28
Alejandro H. Morales University of Massachusetts Amherst On the Okounkov-Olshanski formula for standard tableaux of skew shapes
February 4, 4-5PM
Yibo Gao Massachusetts Institute of Technology The 1/3-2/3 Conjecture for Coxeter groups
February 11
Daoji Huang Brown University Doing Schubert calculus with Bumpless Pipe Dreams
February 18
Li Li Oakland University Determinantal ideals, pipe dreams, and non-intersecting lattice paths
February 23
Elizabeth Milićević Haverford College The Peterson Isomorphism and Quantum Cohomology of the Grassmannian
February 25
Kaisa Taipale University of Minnesota and
C.H. Robinson
Equivariant quantum Pieri rule on cylindric shapes
March 4
Wencin Poh University of California, Davis Uncrowding Algorithm for Hook-Valued Tableaux
March 11
Shiliang Gao University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Newell-Littlewood numbers
March 25
Alexander Garver Carleton College TBA
April 1
Christian Gaetz Massachusetts Institute of Technology TBA
April 22
Li Ying University of Notre Dame TBA
April 29
Wai Ling Yee University of Windsor TBA

Seminar abstracts are available here. Colloquia abstracts are available here. After most talks, the seminar will transition to a 1 hour chat with the speaker.

Last semester's seminar

The seminar co-organizers are Reuven Hodges, Colleen Robichaux, Avery St. Dizier, and Alexander Yong. Please email Colleen Robichaux at cer2 (at) illinois (dot) edu for the Zoom ID and password.