The University of Illinois Algebra-Geometry-Combinatorics Seminar
Fall 2020, Thursdays 3-3:50PM, place: Zoom

date speaker affiliation title
August 6, 10-11AM
Timothy Chow Institute for Defense Analyses, Princeton Algorithmically Distinguishing Irreducible Characters of the
Symmetric Group
August 13
Anna Weigandt University of Michigan Gröbner geometry of Schubert polynomials through ice
August 27
Federico Castillo Max Planck Institute Leipzig When are multidegrees positive?
September 3
Joint with IRT:
Travis Scrimshaw
The University of Queensland Coloring K-Theoretic Schubert Calculus
September 10, 4-5PM
Colloquium and RTG event:
Noga Alon
Princeton University and Tel Aviv University Fair Representations
September 10, 6-7PM
Dominic Searles University of Otago Kohnert polynomials and their stable limits
September 17
Patricia Klein University of Minnesota Geometric vertex decomposition and liaison
September 24
Benjamin Braun University of Kentucky The Integer Decomposition Property and Ehrhart Unimodality for
Weighted Projective Space Simplices
October 1
Combinatorics Colloquium and
RTG event: Hugh Thomas
Université du Québec à Montréal The fundamental theorem of finite semi-distributive lattices
October 8
Reuven Hodges University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Coxeter combinatorics and spherical Schubert geometry
October 13, 9-10AM
Eric Marberg The Hong Kong University of Science
and Technology
Gröbner geometry for skew-symmetric matrix Schubert varieties
October 25, 10-11AM
Samantha Dahlberg Arizona State University Diameters of Graphs of Reduced Words of Permutations
October 29
Joint with IRT:
Chris Fraser
University of Minnesota Cyclic symmetry loci in Grassmannians
November 5, 4-5PM
Colloquium and RTG event:
Greta Panova
University of Southern California Computational Complexity meets Algebraic Combinatorics
November 12, 7-8PM
Neil Fan Sichuan University Vertices and lattice points of Schubitopes
November 19
Minyoung Jeon The Ohio State University (Co)vexillary Schubert varieties and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials
December 1, 1-2PM
ALGECOM event:
Julia Plavnik
Indiana University Bloomington On the classification of modular categories
December 2, 1-2PM
ALGECOM event:
Alexander Diaz-Lopez
Villanova University Arithmetical Structures on Graphs
December 3, 1-2PM
ALGECOM event:
Alejandro H. Morales
University of Massachusetts Amherst Refinements and symmetries for volumes of flow polytopes
December 4, 1-2PM
ALGECOM event:
Josephine Yu
Georgia Institute of Technology Positively Hyperbolic Varieties, Tropicalization, and Positroids
December 10, 10-11AM
Combinatorics Colloquium and
RTG event: Maria Chudnovsky
Princeton University Induced subgraphs and tree decompositions

Seminar abstracts are available here. Colloquia abstracts are available here. After most talks, the seminar will transition to a 1 hour chat with the speaker.

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The seminar co-organizers are Reuven Hodges, Colleen Robichaux, Avery St. Dizier, and Alexander Yong. Please email Colleen Robichaux at cer2 (at) illinois (dot) edu for the Zoom ID and password. To obtain access to ALGECOM talks, complete this form.