Gumbie* --- Introduction

Gumbie is an open-source GUI generator written in Jython. Gumbie aims to build java GUIs as quickly as possible, based on ASCII descriptions. The primary motivation behind Gumbie was to find a quick and painless way to wrap a GUI around a number of mathematical programs that work as Unix-style filters. Not coincidentally, Gumbie primarily works as a filter that reads GUI description files and writes Jython code. I just don't like dragging widgets around, the way most GUI builders work. There's also a graphical user interface for Gumbie, which, of course, has been created by the Gumbie filter...

Click here if you would like to see a motivating example of Gumbie in action.


By now, Gumbie does most of the things that I need when building a GUI, but I can still see a number of possible future developments.

Gumbie has been used in

If you are going to use Jython and Gumbie on a Mac, then you should install a patch for Jython.

If you have any feedback (anything, really), please let me know.

* Where does the name Gumbie come from? Well, gumbies are those lovable rubber-booted characters from Monty Python's Flying Circus (I did change the spelling from gumby to gumbie). Plus, the word 'gumbie' contains the word 'GUI', so it seems to fit. Most importantly, the name reflects my conviction that building GUIs is gumby work!

Peter Brinkmann
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