3rd Midwest Arithmetical Geometry in Cryptography Workshop

November 2 - 4, 2001

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

All talks will be in room B02, CSL

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Friday, November 2

9:30-10:30 Desmedt "Vector spaces and secure authentication"

10:30-11 Coffee and snacks

11-12 Lauter "Constructing elliptic curves with a given number of points over a finite field"

12-2 Free lunch, 3rd Floor Reading Room, CSL

2-3 Bernstein "A complete software implementation of NIST P-224"

3-3:30 Coffee and snacks

3:30-4:30 Harley "Point-counting on elliptic and hyperelliptic curves - some recent developments"

4:45-5:45 Kedlaya "Counting points on hyperelliptic curves Using Monsky-Washnitzer cohomology"

6-7 Reception, Grainger Engineering Library

7-8:15 Banquet, Grainger

8:15-9 Musical Performance

Saturday, November 3

9:15-10:30 Boneh "New applications of the Weil pairing to cryptography"

10:30-11 Coffee and snacks

11-12 Desmedt "From vector spaces and modules to e-commerce with untrusted insiders"

12-2 Free lunch, 3rd Floor Reading Room, CSL

2-3 Teske "Analyzing the Gaudry-Hess-Smart Weil descent attack on the ECDLP."

3-3:30 Coffee and snacks

3:30-4:30 Weng "CM-curves in cryptography"

4:45-5:15 Rosenthal "One-way trapdoor functions from group actions"

5:15-5:45 King "A comparison of threshold RSA signature schemes"

Sunday, November 4

9-10 Desmedt "Applications of combinatorial geometry to practical cryptography"

10:30-11:45 Boneh "The evolution of the RSA cryptosystem and some recent developments on the cryptanalysis of RSA"

Related Events on Thursday, November 1

2-3 Kedlaya , "A p-adic local monodromy theorem", 241 Altgeld Hall

4-5 Lauter, Mathematics colloquium talk "Curves over finite fields and applications to cryptography and coding theory", 314 Altgeld Hall