The Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem

I am currently teaching the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem for the second time. As the notes get finished, I will post each successive chapter in preprint form here. An earlier version of these notes was prepared by Ami Fischman, based on lectures by Chris Skinner and me at the FLT workshop.

Chapter 0 History and overview.
Chapter 1 Profinite groups, complete local rings.
Chapter 2 Infinite Galois groups, internal structure.
Chapter 3 Galois representations from elliptic curves, modular forms, group schemes.
Chapter 4 Invariants of Galois representations, semistable representations.
Chapter 5 Deformations of Galois representations.
Chapter 6 Introduction to Galois cohomology.
Chapter 7 The universal modular lift.
Chapter 8 Criteria for ring isomorphisms.
Chapter 9 The minimal case.
Chapter 10 The general case.
Chapter 11 Putting it together, the final trick.