Practice Problems

Practice Midterm 1
Practice Midterm 1 with Solutions
Chapter 5 practice problems
Chapter 6 practice problems
Practice Midterm 2 and study guide
Practice Midterm 2 with Solutions
Additional practice problems for Pigeonhole (MT2) and Inclusion-exclusion (MT3)
Additional Chapter 7 practice problems
Midterm 3 study guide
Practice Final
Practice Final with solutions
Final study guide

Exam Solutions

Midterm 1 with Solutions (Section D13)
Midterm 1 with Solutions (Section E13)
Midterm 2 with Solutions (Section D13)
Midterm 2 with Solutions (Section E13)
Midterm 3 with Solutions (Sections D13 and E13 combined)

Code/software demos/additional notes

My computer side-kick for the magic trick from class
Some MAPLE code for the INTELLIGENT problem in the Chapter 6 in class exercise
Management decisions: integer composition models
Using computer algebra to compute/check generating series
Maple code to check the Euler-Gauss identity
Maple code to compute number of connected graphs