Illinois Combinatorics Lab for Undergraduate Experiences (ICLUE)

Director: Alexander Yong

This program (initiated Spring 2017) is for undergraduate students who are seriously interested in graduate school in mathematics. Activities can take various forms, including:

* Research projects

* Combinatorics education initiatives (visiting local high schools)

* Seminars with academic visitors

* Conference travel

This is an *unpaid* mentorship program.

Products of ICLUE:

Symmetric group representations and Z (Anshul Adve and Alexander Yong)

Vanishing of Littlewood-Richardson polynomials is in P (Anshul Adve, Colleen Robichaux and Alexander Yong)

Complexity, combinatorial positivity, and Newton polytopes (Anshul Adve, Colleen Robichaux and Alexander Yong)

Reduced word enumeration, complexity, and randomization (Cara Monical, Benjamin Pankow, Alexander Yong)

An estimation method for game complexity (Alexander Yong, David Yong)

Member outcomes:

* Anshul Adve was awarded a 2019 Goldwater fellowship at UCLA for work done through ICLUE. He will attend a U. Chicago REU in summer of 2019.

* David Brewster will be funded by an NSF RTG to work in the ICLUE program in Summer 2020.

* Anna Chlopecki '20 will be attending a math REU at Brown in the summer of 2019; accepted to multiple private and public math PhD programs and will start a math doctoral degree at Purdue in Fall 2020.

* Zhaobidan (Amy) Feng '18 is pursuing a PhD in math at Texas A+M

* Matthew Faust '18 is pursuing a PhD in math at Texas A+M

* Thien Le '19 is pursuing a PhD in CS at MIT

* Jeremy McMahan '18 is pursuing a PhD in CS at U. Wisconsin

* Husnain Raza be funded by an NSF RTG to work in ICLUE in Summer 2020.

* Steven Zhang '20 will attend Oxford for a graduate program offered jointly by the Mathematical Institute and the Department of Physics


* David Buksa

* Anshul Adve (high school student; now undergraduate at UCLA; 2019 Goldwater Fellowship)

* David Brewster

* Judy Chiang

* Anna Chlopecki (2019 REU at Brown)

* Aaron Marcus Cunanan

* Cathy Du

* Matthew Faust

* Zhaobidan (Amy) Feng

* Paul Graham (Physics student)

* Jiasheng Hu

* Elizaveta Kalinina

* Daniel Klovsky

* Thien Le

* Nathan Lin

* Chinmaya Mahesh

* Jeremy McMahan

* Mose Mizrahi

* Joaquin Padilla Montani (Austria)

* Jackie Oh

* Benjamin Pankow

* Husnain Raza

* Michael Sandler (Physics student)

* Ray Shang (high school student at IMSA)

* Lucas Trojanowski

* William Wang

* Zihan Wang

* Jason Xia

* Qingqing Yang

* Steven Zhang

* Yichi Zhang (Electrical Engineering student)

Some other undergraduate research projects