MATH 116 Calculus II (Fall 2001) [U. of Michigan]:

Course meets: 611 DENN, Tu,W,Fri 12:30AM-2:00PM.

Instructor: Alexander Yong, 3068 East Hall,

Office hours: Tu,Th 4:00-5:00 in 3068 East Hall.

Text: "CALCULUS, Single variable", by Hughes-Hallett, Gleason, et al, third edition, Wiley.

Calculator: TI-83 Graphing Calculator or extremely close equivalent

Grading: HW/Participation (10%), Midterm I (15%), Midterm II (25%) Final (50%); there will be four team homeworks of ten problems each
and some intermittent quizzes that contribute to the first component.

Homework 0: Send me an email so I can get to know you a little: past math courses, why you are taking this course, etc. Email me here

The final grades for this class are now in. Email me if there are any discrepancies.
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