Math 574: Descriptive Set Theory

Fall 2019

Class info

  • Lecture: TueThu 11–12:20 in 29 English Bldg
  • Problem session: Tue 5–6:15pm in 350 Altgeld Hall
  • Office hour: by appointment
  • Course description [pdf]

Instructor info

  • Name: Anush Tserunyan
  • Email: anush at illinois dot edu
  • Office: 369 Altgeld Hall
Cantor space
cantor space


  • A. Tserunyan, Introduction to Descriptive Set Theory, lecture notes [pdf]
  • A. Kechris Classical Descriptive Set Theory, Grad. Texts in Math., vol. 156, Springer, 1995 [Springer link]
    Download is free for UIUC members through the campus internet (not eduroam) or using the UIUC proxy/VPN.


graphing of a countable borel equivalence relation
Graphed CBER

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