Amita Malik

I have been awarded the David G. Bourgin Mathematics Fellowship for the current year, and have no teaching obligations this semester. Please see below for my previous teaching.

    At UIUC:
  • Instructor, A Mathematical World, Math 181, Fall 2016.
  • Head TA, Calculus I (with a technology component), Math 221, Fall 2014.
  • Instructor, A Mathematical World, Math 181, Fall 2013.
  • Merit TA, Calculus II, Math 231, Spring 2013.
  • TA, Calculus I, Math 221, Fall 2012.
  • TA, Calculus, Math 220, Spring 2012.
  • TA, Calculus III, Math 241, Fall 2011.

  • At IISc:
  • TA, Linear Algebra, Spring 2010.

  • Grading (at UIUC):
  • Fundamental Mathematics, Math 347, Summer 2013.
  • Basic Discrete Mathematics, Math 213, Fall 2011.
Mentoring at the Illinois Geometry Lab (IGL):
  • In Fall 2014, with Armin Straub (as a faculty mentor), I led a team of three undergraduates for the IGL project titled "p-adic properties of sequences and finite state automata." The final poster is here.
  • In Fall 2013 & Spring 2014, with Jayadev Athreya and Francesco Cellarosi (as faculty mentors), I mentored two teams of three undergraduates each, for the IGL project "Visibility in random forests." The posters for the two semesters can be found here and here.
    Here is a link to the paper resulted from the IGL projects: arXiv:1510.03500.

Outreach/ Positions of responsibilty:

  • I am a TA Mentor for the current year in the Department of Mathematics at UIUC.
  • I was an Orals Judge for the ICTM High School Mathematics Competition held at UIUC in 2015 & 2016.

  • I have been involved with the AWM Sonia Math Day for High School Girls. Below are links to the recent Sonia Days:
  • November 2016, Logic in Wonderland
  • April 2016, Games on surfaces

  • My name has appeared on the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their Students at UIUC.