Scott Ahlgren

Math 347 C2M, Spring 2023. Course information.


Meeting times: 
 MWF 12-12:50, 147 Altgeld Hall
         T  9-10:50, 159 Altgeld Hall

Scott Ahlgren

Teaching assistant:
Mina Nahvi

Required Text:
Introduction to Abstract Mathematics (Donaldson and Pantano)

Please make sure that you have the version of January 21, 2020.

Please get a hard copy at the Illini Union Bookstore.  It costs about $10 and it's very helpful to be able to make notes in the book!

We will cover all of the topics in this book and will cover other topics during the last month of class.

Course Description:
This is an introduction to mathematical language, rigorous mathematical thinking, fundamental mathematical structures, and methods of proof. 
Topics include logic, set theory, induction, equivalence relations, functions, number theory, cardinality, and convergence.

The final grade will be computed based on these percentages:

We will not "curve" the final averages down. For example, if your final average is 80% then your final grade is guaranteed to  be some sort of "B".

It is possible that averages may be "curved" up.  Information about grade distribution will be provided during the semester, and the precise function which assigns a letter grade to each percentage will be determined at the end of the course. 


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