Scott Ahlgren

Math 347 C2 and X1, Fall 2020. Course information

The course is organized by weeks.  For each day, there are assignments to be completed before class time (typically a short instructional video and some reading).

Class meetings:  These will be conducted online. A typical week will be:

Technology:  You will need:

If you do not have access to this technology, please contact me immediately.

Homework and exams:

Meeting times: 

Required Text: Introduction to Abstract Mathematics (Donaldson and Pantano)

Course Description:
This is an introduction to mathematical language,  rigorous mathematical thinking,  fundamental mathematical structures, and methods of proof. Topics include logic, set theory, induction, equivalence relations, functions, number theory, cardinality, and convergence.

Grades: The final grade will be computed based on these percentages: