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ConformalBlocks :: ConformalBlocks

ConformalBlocks -- for vector bundles of conformal blocks on the moduli space of curves


Vector bundles of conformal blocks are vector bundles on the moduli stack of Deligne-Mumford stable n-pointed genus g curves Mg,n that arise in conformal field theory. Each triple (g,l,(λ1,...,λn)) with g a simple Lie algebra, l a nonnegative integer called the level, and 1,...,λn) an n-tuple of dominant integral weights of g specifies a conformal block bundle V=V(g,l,(λ1,...,λn)). This package computes ranks and first Chern classes of conformal block bundles on M0,n using formulas from Fakhruddin’s paper [Fakh].

Most of the functions are in this package are for Sn symmetric divisors and/or symmetrizations of divisors, but a few functions are included for non-symmetric divisors as well.

Some of the documentation nodes refer to books, papers, and preprints. Here is a link to the Bibliography.

NEW in version 2.1: the package has been rewritten in a more object-oriented way, and the basic Lie algebra functions have been moved into a separate package called LieTypes.



This documentation describes version 2.2 of ConformalBlocks.

Source code

The source code from which this documentation is derived is in the file ConformalBlocks.m2.