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ToricVectorBundles :: isGeneral

isGeneral -- checks whether a toric vector bundle is general



"A toric vector bundle in Klyachko's description is general if for every maximal cone $\Sigma$ in the fan the following condition holds: Let $\rho_1,...,\rho_l$ be the rays of $\sigma$. Then for every choice of filtration steps $i_1,...,i_l$ for each ray, i.e., choose an integer for each ray where the filtration enlarges, the equation"

codim $(\cap E^{\rho_j} ( i_j )) = min \{ \sum ($codim $E^{\rho_j} ( i_j )),rank E \}$


i1 : E = cotangentBundle hirzebruchFan 2

o1 = {dimension of the variety => 2 }
      number of affine charts => 4
      number of rays => 4
      rank of the vector bundle => 2

o1 : ToricVectorBundleKlyachko
i2 : isGeneral E

o2 = true

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For the programmer

The object isGeneral is a method function.