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SubalgebraBases :: forceSB

forceSB -- declare the generators of a subring or SAGBIBasis to be a complete sagbi basis



If forceSB is given a SAGBIBasis $SB$, then the function performs autosubduction on the sagbiGenerators of $SB$. The sagbiDone flag is then set to true without checking whether the generators form a sagbi basis.

If forceSB is given a Subring $S$, then the function checks whether a SAGBIBasis $SB$ has been created for $S$. If $SB$ exists, then forceSB is applied to $SB$ as described above. Otherwise, $SB$ is created from $S$ and has its sagbiDone flag set to true.

Note, if the generators supplied to forceSB do not form a sagbi basis, then it may cause unexpected behaviour.

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Ways to use forceSB :

For the programmer

The object forceSB is a method function with options.